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January 2012

Lisbon Veterinary Clinic

Beef Cattle Vaccine Program


Calves:  Bovishield Gold FP 5 + L5 and Cavalry-9 vaccines 4 weeks pre-weaning, and again at weaning


Yearlings:  Bovishield Gold FP 5 + L5 4 and Cavalry-9 three weeks pre-breeding


Adults: Bovishield Gold FP 5 + L5 and Cavalry-9 at pregnancy check


***This is a very basic vaccination program recommended for all herds. The Bovishield Gold FP 5 + L5 vaccine is a modified live virus vaccine. A killed virus vaccine that protects against the same infectious agents (IBR, BVD, PI-3, BRSV and 5 strains of Lepto) could be substituted. There are also many clostridial vaccines similar to Cavalry-9 that could be substituted.


There are other vaccines that may be recommended based on the herd disease history, number of purchased animals added to the herd, or needs of producers purchasing animals from the herd. These may include:

  • Pinkeye vaccine
  • Respiratory vaccine
  • Diarrhea vaccine
  • Salmonella vaccine
  • Lepto Hardjo bovis vaccine

    The veterinarians at Lisbon Veterinary Clinic are happy to help design a vaccination program that is specifically tailored to your individual herd's risk factors.