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Lisbon Veterinary Clinic

Vaccination Program for Dairy Cattle



  • 4-6 months of age - Bovishield Gold 5 + L5 first +/- Brucella vax (usually only if selling breeding stock)
  • One month later booster Bovishield Gold 5 + L5



  • 3-4 weeks pre-breeding - Bovishield Gold 5 + L5


Lactating herd:

  •  3-5 weeks post-fresh (after they have been checked and uterus is okay) - Bovishield Gold 5 + L5




Alternate Vaccine Protocol

Give killed virus vaccine Mastergard-10 or Virashield 6 + L5 or Triangle-9 every 6 to 12 months to entire herd. Interval between vaccinations will be dependent on herd history - mostly repro issues.



Other vaccinations may be indicated dependent on herd disease history and animal purchase history including:

  • Clostridial vaccine (Black leg and others)
  • Respiratory vaccines
  • Mastitis vaccines
  • Salmonella vaccine
  • Johne's vaccine
  • Diarrhea vaccine
  • Pinkeye vaccine
  • Lepto Hardjo bovis vaccine


The veterinarians at Lisbon Veterinary Clinic are happy to help design a vaccination program that is specifically tailored to your individual herd's risk factors.