Lisbon Veterinary Clinic

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Poultry and Waterfowl

Silver Appleyard DucksWhether you have a backyard flock, a few 4-H animals or raise poultry for a living, we can provide the resources and treatment they need to stay healthy. 

Flock Services: In addition to routine health examinations, we offer general husbandry services such as nutritional counseling, coop/flock management, parasite control, and laboratory testing for individual birds or the entire flock.  

Hospitalized Care: At our clinic, we can provide hospitalized care for your poultry or waterfowl during times of illness. 

Sick Bird Visits: Our doctors can evaluate sick birds on an individual basis and can help determine proper treatment with consideration of the necessary meat and egg withdrawal times. 

Necropsy: In the event of unexpected deaths or losses in your flock, we can provide complete necropsy services, using an outside laboratory for any specialized testing that is required.


Honey Bees

Whether you are a hobbyist or professional beekeeper, Dr. Miletta is happy to provide comprehensive health care and consultation for your apiary. Bee hives

Apiary Management:  Complete colony evaluation for various diseases and parasites can be provided to help troubleshoot problems in your apiary. VFD (Veterinary Feed Directive) can also be provided, if necessary for treatment of disease.  Specific disease testing may also be available.