Lisbon Veterinary Clinic

8100 Race Road
Lisbon, OH 44432



alpaca & criaWe see pet camelids as well as fiber producing animals and brood stock.  Here are just a few of the services we provide:

Wellness exams: We are happy to provide routine wellness examinations as well as annual vaccinations for Rabies, Clostridium C & D (over-eating disease), and Tetanus. We would also be happy to help design a parasite control plan for your animals.  Health certificates for travel are also available.

Newborn exams:  We recommend examinations for all newborns approximately 24 hours after birth.  We can also provide testing for maternal antibodies (IgG levels), plasma transfusions, as well as vitamin E and selenium to prevent white muscle disease.

Sickness exams: During times of illness, we can provide many services including a comprehensive examination, digital radiographs, laboratory testing, administration of intravenous fluids, treatment for meningeal worm, treatment for choke, heat stroke, overeating disease, polioencephalomalacia, listeriosis, and "failure to thrive" syndrome.

Surgery: We are happy to perform routine surgical castrations, trimming of fighting teeth, minor growth removal, and microchip insertion.

Please visit our Farm Animal Health Library for information on specific conditions.