Lisbon Veterinary Clinic

8100 Race Road
Lisbon, OH 44432


Kim, Trudy, Beth 

Management Team: 

Our management team consists of Kim, Trudy and Beth. 

Kim is our inventory manager. She takes care of all of our ordering and inventory. She also helps to keep our large animal desk running smoothly. 

Trudy is our office manager. She deals with the day to day management of the office as well as billing and staffing issues. 

Beth is married to Dr. Wiley and has been our Chief Financial Officer for many years. 


Karen, Linda, Debbie, & Sharon

Small Animal Receptionists:

Karen, Linda, Debbie, and Sharon are our cheerful receptionists.  They are the first people that you will meet when you visit or call our office.  In addition to scheduling your appointment, they will be happy to help you in any way that they can.

Not pictured: Mandy, Rebekah, Tiffany, Ashley

Kim & Teresa

Large Animal Receptionists:

In 2014 we added a separate entrance and reception desk to help serve our large animal clients more efficiently.  Our large animal clients can go directly to this desk when picking up prescriptions and supplies for their animals.  Kim and Brittany keep this area running smoothly and will be happy to help you schedule farm calls.   

Not pictured: Brittany

Brielle, Loren, Jessica

Veterinary Technicians: 

Brielle, Loren, Barbie and Jessica are our registered veterinary technicians (RVTs).  They work closely with the doctors in the care of your pets and keep the hospital running smoothly.  

In addition to the daily treatment of hospitalized patients, some of their duties include: obtaining & running laboratory samples, taking radiographs, communicating with clients, surgical assisting, anesthesia monitoring and minor medical procedures such as IV catheter placement, bandaging & dental prophylaxis.

 Not pictured: Barbie

 Brooke, Lenna, Holly, Misty

Veterinary Assistants 

Brooke, Lenna, Holly and Misty are our veterinary assistants.  Some of their responsibilities include: animal handling, care & restraint, assisting in radiology, preparing supplies & equipment for surgery and some laboratory procedures.  In addition to their clinic duties, you will occasionally find our assistants out in the field helping the doctors during farm calls.

Not Pictured: Ashley, Casey, Brittany